Scott Hahn

The Fourth Cup

Passover and Eucharist, fourteen 5-minute parts
The Fourth Cup 01
The Fourth Cup 02
The Fourth Cup 03
The Fourth Cup 04
The Fourth Cup 05
The Fourth Cup 06
The Fourth Cup 07
The Fourth Cup 08
The Fourth Cup 09
The Fourth Cup 10
The Fourth Cup 11
The Fourth Cup 12
The Fourth Cup 13
The Fourth Cup 14

Michael Cumbie

The Way We Worship

No Bread on the Table, No Crumbs on the Floor - Michael Cumbie's conversion story.
The House That Jack Built - Liturgical worship.
Knights of the Old Code, Guardians of Table - What the church fathers believed.

Seven Common Misconceptions About Salvation

Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3

North Central Catholic Family Conference 2004

Tim Staples - The Keys of the Kingdom - Papal primacy.
Tim Staples - Stairway to Heaven - The sacraments. Mainly matrimony, but lots of general information too.
Father Shannon Collins - Celibacy: An Apostolic Custom - The history and reasons for priestly celibacy.
Father Louis Guardiola, C.P.M. - The Most Holy Eucharist: Sacrifice, Communion, and Real Presence - General teaching on the Eucharist.

North Central Catholic Family Conference 2005

Scott Hahn - The Our Father as a Eucharistic Prayer - Explaining the Our Father prayer
Scott Hahn - Swear To God - Sacraments and Covenants
Steve Ray - Peter: Rock, Keys, Chair - The primacy of Peter